It started with a handrail.

A.G. Cullen Construction Inc. was founded by Paul and Arlene Cullen in 1991.

It was a porch railing in Aspinwall, Pennsylvania that began A.G. Cullen’s contracting career in Pittsburgh, and since, the company has worked to complete over 150 contracts in nearly 25 years of operations.

Today, A.G. Cullen specializes in residential, commercial, and institutional construction alike while incorporating real estate management and upkeep services.

Our Accomplishments

Years of Experience
Institutional Contracts Completed

Our Leadership

Generation to generation.

Ian J. Cullen

Ian J. Cullen

Business Manager

When working at Apple, Ian became infatuated with customer service and satisfaction. In doing so, he drew parallels to the residential contracting industry - where customers should be most satisfied. After finding out that satisfaction was far from the common sentiment, he set out to change the status quo. Ian is also the Chief Executive of Cullen Capital LLC.

Paul Cullen

Paul Cullen

Founder, Vice President

A 5th generation construction man, Paul Cullen co-founded A.G. Cullen Construction Inc. to explore numerous small residential projects before expanding to commercial and institutional work.